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FUDCon is over and I all got is this T-Shirt

FUDCon is over and I all got is this T-Shirt

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FUDCon 2008 in Brno: been there, done that*, got the T-Shirt. ^_^
* "that" being the libdvdnav and libdvdread release 4.1.3 ... but let's start at the beginning.

Day 0: Journey

When I set out on a 600km drive on Thursday morning, I had no idea what a FUDCon was like. It turned out to be fun, filled with lots of interesting encounters, good food and beer. Well, that, and the hacking. :) Suffice to say I intend to attend another FUDCon if time and money permits.

I picked McGiwer up in the city centre. Naturally, he mixed up the directions so it took me about 15 minutes to find him and then we were off.

The drive was pleasant due to the fair weather and low traffic and we reached Katowice right on schedule, but we got a little bit lost when I took the wrong turn and ended up in the city centre. ;) Well, nothing a quick trip to the nearest bookstore to buy a map couldn't fix.

After we reached Karlik's place, he took us to a nice restaurant nearby where we had some delicious lunch and then went on the road again.

Since Katowice are quite close to the border, we soon entered the Czech Republic (wow, no border checks! hey, being part of Schengen zone is pretty cool!) and after a little while we were driving on the Czech motorway E462. Czech motorways are very nice and they made getting to Brno so much faster. Zooom! Couple of hourse later we were there. We did have a moment of panic when a pretty police lady waved us away from the planned route, but it turned out to be a short detour due to some accident or something like that.

The hotel was nice and the lady at the reception spoke English quite well. Of course we could almost understand her Czech, because Czech is a little similar to Polish. Still, knowing the famous "szukam" problem (which means "I'm looking for" in Polish, but is a very rude expression in Czech), we didn't test our luck and used English.

At the hotel, we were greeted by Martin, a local RedHat guy who took us to dinner to the city centre along with some other FUDCon attendees who arrived roughly at the same time. Needless to say, the food was great.

Day 1: Hackfest
In the morning, after a nice breakfast at the hotel, we went to Masaryk University and met the rest of the FUDConians. It turned out that FUDCon attracted all kinds of weird people: typical British students, rude NetBSD developers (wtf?), Cray-huggers, typical Hawaiians, girls (no, that can't be true), even more girls (hey, you're kidding, right?), RPM developers, paparazzi and a crazy Romanian (no, not that one).
After a short introduction, the Hackfest topics were announced and we got to work. After a day's worth of hacking, interrupted from time to time by trips to the snack bar, we ended up at some pub in the city centre - again. ;)

Day 2: Barcamp
After I arrived at the University, the Barcamp was announced. I had no idea what it was, but when Greg explained it, I decided do my part, despite not being prepared at all. It wasn't a total failure, I guess, and Hans de Goede did help me answer a dozen of questions regarding RPMFusion. I think I'd better prepare a real presentation for any upcoming conferences. That night we were invited by the organizers to a social event at a nearby pub. It was a blast.

Day 3: Hackfest
On the third day, there was more time for hacking and I finally managed to take care of the libdvdread and libdvdnav release that I was planning since last week. If all goes well, it'll be announced on Monday. Since it was our last day, we decided to go sightseeing in the Old Town and ended up at a steak&beer bar nearby. Both the food and the beer were delicious. I guess the owners of the bar were happy, because we left a pile of money there.

Day 4: Journey back
We were planning to set out in the morning, so we packed and left as soon as we finished breakfast. When we were already heading out of the city, McGiwer suddenly remembered that he wanted to buy some beer, so we stopped at the nearest shopping centre and waited for him to do that. However, Karlik and I were quite surprised when we saw he went and bought a whole crate of it. o_O;
Just before we reached the border, it started raining and it didn't let up until Warsaw, so most of the drive back wasn't as pleasant as it was to Brno, but we dropped Karlik off in Katowice without any problems and got back safely.

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